Server Mission

MagmaFlyff was created for the sole purpose of providing top quality FlyFF game play experience, a goal that has yet to be reached in the FlyFF private server community. The server does not offer fancy custom wings, ridiculous stats, or overpowered donation items. Instead, MagmaFlyff offers a more pure experience, focusing content updates on the areas where FlyFF is the weakest, while offering enjoyable new content at a steady pace. The voice of every request will be heard by the MagmaFlyFF staff, who will work their hardest to integrate the desires of every player into the overall MagmaFlyFF vision.




  • EXP: 750x
  • GOLD: 500x
  • DROP: 100x

Note: Monster spawns and experience are adjusted for smoother leveling.


  • Full v19 emulation, with improved features and stability.
  • Full support for both v19 and original Flyff HUD interfaces.
  • Improved inventory capacity, soon adding filtering system.
  • Upgrade caps. Example: if you fail 50 times to upgrade a weapon +9-10, it'll be 100% on 50th try.
  • Personal Vending NPCs. You can summon a NPC to sell your items while you're doing something else online or offline.
  • Game client starts up quickly and uses 0% CPU when minimized.
  • Two-way packet encryption for added security.
  • PVP free-for-all Colosseum matches run every 3 hours.

You'll discover the rest in-game, we'll see you there!


  • Fool-proof voting for in-game rewards.
  • Easy account management.
  • Donate for in-game rewards.
  • Wiki with all the game information you could need.
  • Forums for connecting with the other players.

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