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Black Friday Presale

A bonus for all Paypal and Paymentwall Donations leading up to Black Friday. Check it out, and don't miss out!

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Unscheduled Maintenance Nov 10

We're conducting an unscheduled maintenance today to address server issues.

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Cancelled Maintenance

We have cancelled this Monday's maintenance, with good reason! Read up on it in both CygonX's and Mootie's Journal linked inside the thread!

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Latest Event

November's First Update 11/2/2015 - Events

Read up on the month long November event in which you can earn RMC items by simply playing!

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Hallow's End Update 10/20/2015 - Events

Learn about how you can dismember Vagrants for rewards! Check out the final phase of our Halloween Events!

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Latest Patchlog

Post-Mystic Woods Update 11/23/2015 - Patch Notes

Check out the new Inferno Tier of Inferno Weapons, bug changes, other fixes, and some more information on updates to come!

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